Gelato, Italian for ice cream, is a natural luxury discovered by the Romans and mastered through four generations of our family. Our homemade Gelato is freshly made by hand every day following our secret family recipe which dates back to c. 1925. Like our ancestors, we continue to use only the finest ingredients and the creamiest milk which has been sourced from local dairy farms. It is through our commitment to QUALITY, FRESHNESS and most importantly TRADITION, which distinguishes our award winning Gelato from other ordinary ice creams.


Amalfi Lemon

A fragrant and tangy sorbet which is like eating homemade lemonade. Pure lemons and natural sugars combine to create the ultimate palate sensation.


Bright, fruity and refreshing, pure raspberries are blended together with natural sugars and a splash of lemon juice to produce this mouth-watering sorbet.

Mango Alfonso

Discover the exoticism of this spellbinding sun-filled sorbet. Smooth, creamy and delicious, this sorbet will have you melting with pleasure.

Passion Fruit

Our gold medal passion fruit sorbet is bursting with the taste of sunshine. Its subtle acidic notes reveal the intense taste of this fruit.  Made with pure passion fruit and natural sugar.


Traditional Vanilla

The special one. Our gold medal vanilla gelato is lovingly made fresh everyday to our secret family recipe which is over 100 years old. Word has it, it ‘s the best vanilla gelato you will ever taste, but we leave it to you to be the judge.

Contains milk


Simply the best you have ever had! 100% pure Bronte pistachios from the fertile slopes of Sicily’s Mount Etna transformed by us into a sinfully nutty, sublime gelato.

Contains milk and nuts

Hazelnut Piemonte IGP

We use only the ultimate Italian hazelnuts from Piemonte, a region recognised for producing the best hazelnuts in the world. Lightly roasted, the taste of this hazelnut reveals a high quality character, producing a gelato with a sophisticated and intense aroma.

Contains milk and nuts

Amarena Cherry

Don’t hesitate to try this delight a real paradise for cherry lovers. This flavour combines our creamy gelato with the best Amerena cherries preserved in their syrup. Overflowing with juice, these cherries are deliciously tangy.

Contains milk

Hazelnut Rocher

The delectable combination of pure cocoa and hazelnuts with the creaminess of whole milk. Rich, thick and delicious – enjoy its unique taste.

Contains milk, nuts and soya


Our strawberry gelato will literally melt in your mouth as it contains a minimum of 50% fruit. We blend the juiciest fresh Strawberries into our mix to produce a creamy unique flavour which honours the fruit.

Contains milk


A true classic pioneered by Di Meo’s. Marzipan flavoured gelato churned with light sponge cake, a hint of apricot jam and pieces of Almond flavoured marzipan.

Contains milk, wheat and eggs

Sea Salted Caramel

A gourmet and flavourful gelato which lives up to the reputation of this delight. Sweet caramel mingling with flavour enhancing sea salt to create a flavour which is exquisitely appetising. 

Contains milk

Belgian Chocolate

Indulgent, fine Belgian chocolate churned with whole milk producing a gelato delight for the real chocolate connoisseur.

Contains milk and soya

Strawberry Cheesecake

A soft, flavourful and creamy gelato. A truly gourmet delight combining the richness of cream cheese, the delicious taste of strawberries and the crunchiness of a digestive biscuit base.

Contains wheat and milk


Speculoos Cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg infused gelato combined with an equally spiced ripple and pieces of Biscoff biscuits.

Contains wheat and milk

Chocolate Brownie

A chocolate lovers dream! Indulgent brownie pieces and clotted cream fudge blended into our rich creamy chocolate gelato rippled with a decadent chocolate fudge sauce.

Contains milk, nuts, soya and wheat


A union of Di Meo’s creamy, gold medal vanilla gelato with a mix of crunchy honeycomb pieces and milk chocolate.

Contains milk and soya

Mint Choc Chip

A classic gelato favourite. The perfect balance of fresh mint gelato with the bitter kick of dark Belgian chocolate-just how mint mint choc should be.

Contains milk and soya

White Chocolate

A rich and indulgent gelato combining cocoa butter, milk and a hint of vanilla with flakes of Belgian white chocolate.

Contains milk and soya

Cookies & Cream

Our creamy, gold medal vanilla gelato combined with yummy Oreo cookies.

Contains wheat and milk

Guest Flavours

Our gelato and sorbet flavours change on a monthly basis to reflect seasonal variations and to keep your taste buds alive. To find out what flavours are currently available and what we’re working on in the laboratory, check out our Facebook and Instagram.

Di Meo’s finest chocolate and hazelnut ice cream freshly made in Whitley Bay just for you !


All allergens are clearly stated however, we cannot exclude the accidental presence of other allergens in our products,

in additional to those stated, whose presence may have occurred during manufacturing or handling of the product.